Q: “What is the minimum percentage for keyword prominence in your Meta area for Google’s search?”
A: “Huh??”

If that’s YOUR answer, you need help from InterSeller.

It’s a war out there in cyberspace. Search engine companies are in a daily fight against hackers trying to outsmart their systems. We find new ways to outrank your your competition, and they fight to make the Internet a fair playing field.

To this, we mantra the old cliché regarding love and war.

“Above and beyond is all I can say about InterSeller’s service. We got more than we bargained for, and they got a client for life”

Jeff Acampora VP Marketing American Arium

Your businesses must use a combination of online and conventional marketing and promotional strategies. has years of experience in web promotion and conventional marketing and can create a valuable program to drive new customers to your web site

Search Engine Positioning:
Our success in search engine placement is based on:

Understanding why your competitors’ web sites appear at the top of search engine queries

  1. Knowing how to optimize your web pages for each of the top 10 search engines
  2. Hand submitting your web pages to the top 10 search engines
  3. Keeping up with current trends and tricks of the top 10 search engines
  4. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up