New sites soar with search engine power.

This month, InterSeller has launched two new sites in the construction industry. Now you might not think this is an industry heavy into social media until you see the cool pages and aggregate media built into the pages.

Web development for crane servicesHill Crane’s clean, “iOS7” style brings new life to a construction industry icon in the Los Angeles area since 1947. Sure they need crane photos—and plenty of them are on the site and built into their social media channels. There’s also fleet information, cranes for sale, history of the business and everything you’d expect from a world-class website.

The company’s personnel are highly involved in social media, adding photos, blogs, tweets and video from their smart phones out in the field. It’s not rocket science—uploading an image to the website—when there’s a couple buttons on your phone to press. But it’s as exciting as rocket science to give the ability to share social media to engineers and lift managers alike. [visit]

pacifictank_tnPacific Tank shows online how they build some of the largest tanks on earth. Complex designs requiring finite element analysis using the latest Autocad software. Field foreman have experience constructing complex plate structures such as thermal vacuum chambers, towers, absorbers, carbon and stainless steel and aluminum spheres. We are constantly using our creativity to improve our delivery model while maintaining our safety culture. [visit]