Let’s say you already have your very own website. You got the home page, the services page, and contact information, what’s next? Would you simply let it be and hope someone would find himself or herself on your site? Or would you continue to improve on your website and present it as a credible entity online? We’re guessing you would choose the latter. A way for you to establish yourself online is to make content that people can read. And what better way to help you get that exposure you need than blogging.

Blogging is fast becoming one of the leading components of performing websites. If you compare newer sites with those made during the late 2000s, there would be a lot of difference in terms of interface, layout, options, dynamics, and content. One would notice that blog pages and links are being integrated within the site itself even though they already have relatively relevant and readable content, but why? What’s the logic behind blogging, and what can it do for you?


Connection is everything, especially for businesses. It provides business owners the opportunity to expand their reach, be an influential factor in the industry, or simply survive in the market. Blogs serve as a means for you to be known by the online community. Let’s say you have an informative blog, someone happens to stumble upon your blog and was impressed by the content, so he decides to share your blog on social media. As a result, your blog (and by extension, your site) manages to garner a degree of exposure online. You might just be lucky enough to attract the attention of fellow website owners; some of them might even send you a request hoping to link their own websites to your content.


Think of it this way: your website is similar to a book.  People would frequently grab hold of that book to look for a certain topic. Blogs serve as informative content, the more information available to the reader; the more likely will they deem your book as a credible source. Going back to websites, the more relevant information you are able to provide to users and visitors, the likelihood of them coming back to your site or referring others to your site increases.


By this time, one should already get the sense that blogs are important, so why stop with only one piece? The logical move would simply be to develop more blogs. Now, given that your blogs are well made and informative, those people who have read your blogs before will likely go back to you for fresh content. Instead of looking for other sources of information, they are confident that you are able to provide it for them.

This leads you to… 

Better SEO

Having more people visiting your site and having them share your blogs make your website rank higher. In a nutshell, search engines like Google prefer to offer their users websites with the most relevant information available. So if search engines consider you to be a relevant site, they’ll rank your site higher than the rest of your competitors. This means you get more exposure and more people who will likely visit your site and avail of your services or products.

Overall, blogging is an excellent way for you to optimize your website. It’s not enough that your website looks good and has readable content. Nowadays, you have to go the extra mile to make your website stand out from the rest. And in order to do that, it is advisable to develop interesting and relevant blogs from time to time. This provides you with a way to develop connections within the online community while building your credibility on the web.

Now you might be saying “that’s good and all, but I’m not a writer! How am I supposed to make a blog if I don’t know how to start one?” If you’ve finally decided to take your online presence to a whole new level and get your business going, we at Interseller are able to help you out. We help you create dynamic blogs and content that will definitely put your website on the online map! Our team of experts are knowledgeable with the market and can develop content that will fit the needs of the public, guaranteeing results that will surely benefit you and your business.

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