interseller-bugSince 1998, InterSeller has built hundreds of sites and helped small companies grow big.

Not just by building a web site, but by building a business – and a business relationship – with customers.

From your first meeting with InterSeller, you’ll find there’s unique interest in your success that design companies just don’t give to you.

Not just a web development company, InterSeller is a full-service Internet Marketing Agency focused on your business objectives as much as you are.

Michael Jarvis


Mike combines technical aptitude with creative marketing to make the web project produce maximum ROI for clients. A talented multimedia programmer, Mike has led teams of designers and programmers to build CD-ROM projects, interactive touch screen kiosks and even Hollywood special effects. He has completed more than 200 web sites to his credit. In addition to president duties, Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics, an FAA Air Transport Pilot License and US Coast Guard 50 ton Master (Yacht Captain) License.


Web Developer

Dianne designs and develops her stunning graphics into easy-to-navigate WordPress websites. With years of graphic & website experience, she brings life to website projects through color and usability elements that grab and hold a viewer’s attention. She is an expert of various web developing technologies, codes and layouts and is constantly updating her knowledge and skills in utilizing the newest software available.


Project Manager

With her prominent customer service skills, she can perfectly respond to client’s requests, needs, and wants. Rita is mainly responsible for Web Development and projects that are in need of support services such as programming, designing or search engine optimization. The first time you talk to Rita, you instantly can tell that she knows what she is talking about and stays true to her word.


Web Developer

Mick keeps the web sites buzzing for our clients, and that makes their businesses thrive. Moving at the speed of the Internet, Mick manages dozens of requests each day for site edits, updates, custom development and creative design. Not a day goes by that we’re not surprised at a new method to save clients’ time and money.


SEO & SMM Manager

Cristine is the company’s SEO and SMM Project Manager. She is the key person in regular contact with our clients so that specifications are always executed. She also makes sure that your website acquires the online presence it needs to get the needed search engine traffic for an increased profit and revenues. With her excellent customer service skills, you will never experience a difficult time creating a deal with her.



Joseph’s world is in the code. Apparently a secret code that makes these sites run flawlessly day-in and day-out. With his “do it right or do it twice” attitude, we often complain that it takes longer to do things the right way. But when it’s done right, our own voice is the only complaint we ever hear.


Web Developer

Joshua is an expert at various scripting languages, at coding and building or updating existing agile scripts. He stays up-to-date with techniques and tools in professionally creating web programs based on the specs clients require and need. He definitely has the eye not only for design but also for functionality to provide ease with which one navigates through the contents of a website.


Usability Analyst

With over ten years of competitive experience in the web industry, Tamerra definitely knows how to work through a project. She has an extensive knowledge on what a website really needs – be it a design overhaul, redevelopment, an intensive search engine marketing campaign or a combination of these.