builder-blurbs-builderEvent ID: 78723
Date: Sunday, October 19th, 2014
Event Start Time: 12:01AM CDT
Event End Time: 4:00AM CDT
Location: DAL01- Datacenter

Services Affected: Network Connectivity

Type Of Work: Network Maintenance and Upgrades

Purpose: Router and switch software updates to both our Core and Edge Routers as well as our Security (IPS/IDS) devices.

Impact: You could experience 1 or 2 network latency and potential network interruptions as routes re-converge
and traffic re-routes.

Event Description:
* We will be testing our fail-over strategy to ensure availability during any potential non-planned event.
* We will also be upgrading the software code of the Core2.dal and Edge2.dal routers to bring them in line with the
latest certified vendor releases.
* When complete, we will upgrade our IPS/IDS security appliances to the latest available software and signature releases.

We will have additional staff on hand to address any unforeseen events that may occur as well as any questions you may have.

InterSeller is committed to providing 100% scheduled uptime for it’s entire customer base, and this work is part of this continuing commitment to you.